About Where I Shop

With the country facing one of the hardest economic times since the great depression. The face of Britons retail environment and consumer spending has and is changing. Where I Shop is taking a look at this shift with a documentary featuring interviews with online retailers, out of town shopping centres along with the High Street shops and government officials.

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    With over 50% of spending now away from the high street the days of high streets populated by independent butchers, bakers and candlestick makers is now over, the way we shop as a nation has simply changed beyond recognition.

    This question of what to do with our town centres lead the government to commission an independent review published by Mary Portas to propose ways to revitalise the high streets.  However, councils such as Canterbury have chosen to move in directions contrary to the findings of the report by, for example, raising parking prices in the city centre despite the recommendation for free parking. The high-street has seen even more of its independent shops closing over the year replaced my large chains.

    This documentary aims to find out how shoppers retailers and councils see the future of the high street with relationship to the Internet and out of town shopping centres. The high street has historically been dominated by retail shops but is it now time to allow the retail spaces to be occupied by chains of coffee shops, bars, restaurants and hairdressers a Mecca for leisure frequented by those with high disposable incomes, or can we find a more inclusive solution for our town centres – what happens if we do not?

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About Pomegranate Studios

The where I Shop project has been commissioned by Pomegranate Studios who stride to make instrumental and incumbent productions that are seen as pillars of our communities as they feel so passionately about there work.


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    The recent decline in the financial market provoked Pomegranate Studios to re-assess the status quo of production and strive towards a vision of a superior future for generations to come.

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About Senior Management

Fears Britain is heading for a triple-dip recession have forced us to innovate and reimagine the status quo of production. Michael Annor believes the numbers add to a recent flow of disappointing economic data, stoking concerns of a fresh contraction in the fourth quarter and that the UK economy could be on the verge of recession again if activity remains under pressure in the first quarter of the year.
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Alain Garner

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Business Development Director

A Motivated, entrepreneurial individual with keen interests in Business and marketing Communication. Utilising skills in Film, Production, Editing, Dramatic Arts and Graphic Arts. And a degree in Media Technology and Drama BA(Hons) at the University of Kent.


Michael Annor

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Chief Operations Officer

A young enthusiastic individual who strives for excellence with a key passion and interest in managing and forming start up ventures. Having past experience working in the financial industry at Goldman Sachs and utilising a BSC in Multimedia Technology and Design at the University of Kent.