Out Of Town Shopping Centre

Paul Lancaster, Lakeside Shopping Centre

What an amazing day. We would like to thank Paul Lancaster and the Lakeside management for this wonderful opportunity to allow us to film their premise’s. We learnt a lot of interesting new facts today such as the fact that it has four anchor stores one of which is Marks & Spencer’s and also recently had permission to expand the shopping centre which will allow the introduction of 30 to 40 new stores.

We were also granted permission to take some beautiful shots of the what the centre has to offer.

Interviewing Richard Fogelman

Very long day today. We had to drive up to Brent Cross from Canterbury to meet up with Richard Fogelman and do the interview.

Just finished and in the car driving back. We are very grateful especially as he agreed to let us do some filming inside the shopping centre. We managed to get some amazing shots and although we did get a few glares from some of the people at the centre, everything went according to plan.

And more good news today. Lakeside has also agreed to do an interview which are very happy about.

Brent Cross

Richard Fogelman who is the Systems & Administration Manager of Brent Cross Shopping Centre has kindly agreed to talk to us about the advantages of choosing to shop at an out of town shopping centre as supposed to elsewhere.