Our documentary Where I Shop is finished and ready to be shown to the public. We are delighted with what we have managed to achieve and we would like offer a huge thank you to all the participants in this documentary.

We would like to thank all the companies that agreed to participate in our project and we are delighted to have created a documentary that we are very proud of.

Editing Finished.

We are delighted to announce that we have finished our editing. The documentary is nearly done. We plan to have it finished by the 5th of April.

We are are currently working on the intro and credits for our documentary.

Editing coming along well

Our editing is nearly done now. We have put most of our clips together and the story is unfolding in this documentary. We plan to make the intro for our documentary in the coming days.

Interviews nearly edited

We are very pleased with the progress we are making. We have nearly finished editing most of the interviews with roughly two left to edit.

Beginning to Edit

We have chosen to use Final Cut Pro to edit the clips we have got so far. We feel that final cut will provide and give us the professional output we want to achieve.

Storyboard finished

We have finally come up with a storyboard for our documentary and are very pleased with it. We plan to start editing on the 7th of March.


We have decided to create our storyboard for this documentary using poster notes. We felt this will help us with our editing as we can choose which are the best points are by our intervewee’s


We have found a narrator for documentary. She has kindly accepted the request narrate our intro and some parts of the documentary. We are gonna use the boom mic to record her.

Interviews finished

Finally finished all our interviews. We plan to start editing the clips we have shot straight away. We are very pleased with the shots we have got and the information given to us by our interviewee’s.

Interviewing Midnight Oil

Completed our filming of David Drew who gave us some insight into how Midnight Oil operates. He explained how he purposely chose to stay as a niche online shop as opposed to becoming multinational company.

He felt that with a niche market, you are more likely to succeed. He also talked about why the advantages of online shopping one of which is discretion. Discretion is important to most people and with online shopping, you can be discrete with what you buy.

David Drew, Midnight Oil

We are pleased to announce that the owner of Midnight Oil David Drew has agreed to our request for an interview. We have scheduled the interview for the 10th of Febuary.

Bamboo Baskets

Interviewed the owner of Bamboo baskets today. He explained to us how he using social networking sites to promote his products. This in our view is an excellent point as social networking sites such as youtube and Facebook are a great way to reach out to a wider audience.

Getting more online contributors

Getting online contributors is not an easy job but we have managed to find one that is willing to speak to us. Dennis Hayler has agreed to speak to us about his online shop Bamboo Baskets which sells high end tea.

Vox pops Conclusion

We managed to get about twenty people to give us their opinions their choices between the three sectors of shopping and what we have noticed today is that most of the parents were leaning towards going to the Out of town shopping centre’s mainly due to the shopping experience it offers.

Most of the students we interviewed chose online because they felt it was less time consuming.

Vox pops

We are in town today to get the opinions of the public on what their preferences are when it comes to choosing between the three sectors of shopping. The few people we have spoken to so far have chosen online as their main choice when it comes to shopping as they feel it saves them time.

County Clothes

John Lambert; manager of County Clothes whom we just interviewed gave us very valuable information on how they always try to produce a service driven shopping experience and to achieve this they make sure their apprentices are fully trained.

This we felt is very good point as a customer would be more willing to return back to a particular shop if the assistance offered by that particular shop was very good.

Interviewing Jones Bootmaker

Just finished interviewing the manager of Jones Bootmaker Mark Peg about how the shop has managed to stay competitive in this recession period and we were very surprised by some of the answers he gave us. We learnt that unlike most other high street shops, Jones Bootmaker has been quite successful in this period of economic hardship and have made huge profits.

Jones Bootmaker and County Clothes

We have managed to secure an interview with two of the local high street shops in Canterbury. The first been Jones Bootmaker which we have scheduled for tomorrow. County Clothes is the second shop which we have set a date of 12th Of January to do.

Update 3rd January

We have managed to conduct four interviews so far and are trying to get a few more. We feel that we are in good shape moving forward and all of the contributors we have had so far have been very cooperative and they gave have given us very useful information which we will be using to help us produce this documentary.

Paul Lancaster, Lakeside Shopping Centre

What an amazing day. We would like to thank Paul Lancaster and the Lakeside management for this wonderful opportunity to allow us to film their premise’s. We learnt a lot of interesting new facts today such as the fact that it has four anchor stores one of which is Marks & Spencer’s and also recently had permission to expand the shopping centre which will allow the introduction of 30 to 40 new stores.

We were also granted permission to take some beautiful shots of the what the centre has to offer.

Interviewing Richard Fogelman

Very long day today. We had to drive up to Brent Cross from Canterbury to meet up with Richard Fogelman and do the interview.

Just finished and in the car driving back. We are very grateful especially as he agreed to let us do some filming inside the shopping centre. We managed to get some amazing shots and although we did get a few glares from some of the people at the centre, everything went according to plan.

And more good news today. Lakeside has also agreed to do an interview which are very happy about.

Brent Cross

Richard Fogelman who is the Systems & Administration Manager of Brent Cross Shopping Centre has kindly agreed to talk to us about the advantages of choosing to shop at an out of town shopping centre as supposed to elsewhere.

Filming Canterbury City Partnership

We managed to conduct our interview with Bob Jones today which we are very pleased with as he was very thorough with the answers he provided us. This resulted in some very informative information about the hughstreet and how Canterbury thriving tourism and students have allowed the high street to continue to flourish despite the recession.

Chair of Canterbury City Partnership

Good news today. We have managed to secure an interview with Bob Jones who is the Executive Chair of Canterbury City Partnership. We plan to find out form him extensively what the council are doing to help attract people to the High Street.

Not Just A label Interview

Our interview with “Not Just A Label” went very well as planned. The client was thorough with the answers she gave us and we are very grateful to them for giving us this opportunity. We conducted the interview at our rented office in the hart of London’s Financial district and are just heading back on the train to Canterbury.

Developing Client Liaison's

We have made contact with a potential contributor to set up a video interview so that they can give us their opinions on consumer shopping . The company “Not Just A Label” has agreed an interview with us and we are delighted to have this opportunity to interview such a massive organisation. We have scheduled the interview for the 26th of November and are really excited about this and will keep you in the loop.

Conducting Surveys

We went Canterbury High Street today to do some surveys on consumer shopping. We managed to get around fifty people to give us their views on the changing face of the high street. We felt this survey was necessary because it meant that we could get other people’s perspective’s to help us make a better and more efficient documentary.

Research Continued

We felt reading books and articles was not enough research so since today, we have been watching couple of films about consumer shopping. Some of the films were quite biased by the views expressed. An example would be the film “Wal-Mart The High Cost Of Low Price” which we felt portrayed Wal-Mart in very negative view and never once showed what good it had done for the local community. We will be watching a few more films tomorrow to enhance our consumer shopping knowledge.

Research for our Documentary

We have started researching for our documentary and so far we have read a couple of books on consumer shopping. We read the Mary Portas review which we found very interesting as she talks about her views on how to keep the high street blooming. Also found an interesting article on the Guardian website called “Can any one save our high street”. We will be analysing this piece in depth tomorrow.

Project Logo

We have been testing and finalising the colour scheme for our logo and we are now happy to unveil our completed logo design.


Project Name

We are really excited to let everyone know that we have decided upon a fantastic name for our project. The name we inevitably decided upon is Where I Shop. We feel this is a really good name for our company as we develop our corporate image in the market place.

Possible Project Names

We have been working on some possible project names for our documentary. This is a very tough decision for us to make as we believe that they must be synonymous with our value proposition. Some of the possibilities we have come up with so far which have strong potential are :-

“High Street Action” - “Save Our High Street” - “High Street Factors”.


We are happy to announce that we have been commissioned by Pomegranate Studios to create a documentary about the changing on Britain’s consumer spending. Have a poke around the website to find out more.